Watson Twins Southern Manners EP

After their debut earlier this year backing up Jenny Lewis on her critically acclaimed (and seriously kick-ass) record Rabbit Fur Coat, Chandra and Leigh Watson have found the confidence to step out of the shadows and stand at the front of the stage. The Twins’ signature vocal harmonies are at the forefront on their EP, supplemented by guitar and organ lines that build into rich, full-band arrangements. The eight-song disc boasts sophisticated but unpretentious songwriting and enough range to ensure that the restrained tone of the vocals never gets stagnant. It’s lovely and gentle music. But a longing undertone to the lyrics and weightiness to some of the bass-heavy, instrumentally layered numbers give the Twins’ diffident vocals a sense of foreboding, like the electrically-charged air before a thunderstorm. There’s an aura of mystery that hangs over this Louisville, KY pair, but with Southern Manners they’re willing to let you into their secret twin club. Just make sure you memorise the secret handshake because you’re definitely going to want to come back for more. (Independent)