The Cure Share the "Director's Cut" of Their 'Disintegration' 30th Anniversary Show

Watch them play "Pictures of You," "Plainsong" and "Disintegration" from the Sydney Opera House
The Cure Share the 'Director's Cut' of Their 'Disintegration' 30th Anniversary Show
The Cure celebrated the 30th anniversary of their classic 1989 album Disintegration earlier this year. To commemorate the event, the band played the record in full at the Sydney Opera House back in May as a part of Australia's VIVID Live Festival. Now the "director's cut" of some of that footage has arrived.

Recorded on May 30 and directed by filmmaker Nick Wickham, three songs from the livestreamed performance are available to revisit now. Watch the footage of the Cure delivering "Pictures of You," "Plainsong" and "Disintegration" below.

So far, the rest of the concert remains unreleased, but we can expect it — and apparently some new Cure records — soon, according to a statement from the Cure's frontman Robert Smith.

You can also take a gander at some of the epic photos from the event here.