Watch Pop-Punk Band Knuckle Puck Get Grilled on 'Border Security Canada'

Watch Pop-Punk Band Knuckle Puck Get Grilled on 'Border Security Canada'
It turns out that the Halo Benders aren't the only touring band getting hassled by authorities for the sake of reality television. Chicago pop-punk unit Knuckle Puck recently got a scare at the U.S./Canada border that resulted in some free publicity via an episode of Border Security Canada.

The band was recently profiled on the reality program's fourth season, where they were pulled in at the Peace Bridge Crossing in Buffalo, NY on a routine stop on their way back home from some shows in Canada. While being grilled by the U.S. border patrol, one member of the band "admitted to recreational use of marijuana." A drug-sniffing dog was then brought out to search the group's tour van and trailer.

During the search, the four-pawed patrol member took an interest on one particular backpack, which was then brought inside for further investigation.

Another member of the team then pulled out a manila envelope containing a large number of American and Canadian bills. Tension is built in the program by having a patrolman explaining that, were Knuckle Puck to have brought an undeclared wad of cash in excess of $10,000 in or out of the U.S., it could be seized at the border.

Following an arduous counting procedure, it was determined that the envelope contained $2,350 USD and $2,900 CDN, with the conversion rate bringing that in to just over $7,000 USD. In the show's own words, "no concerns there."

You can see the monetary debacle roll out below around 17:22. For what it's worth, the episode also finds a U.S. couple getting chewed out for their trunk smelling like weed, and one gentleman getting pulled in for wanting to bring some seasoning powder across the border.