TUNS "I Can't Wait Forever" (video)

TUNS 'I Can't Wait Forever' (video)
The dudes in East Coast indie supergroup TUNS delivered their self-titled debut LP last year, and they're revisiting album cut "I Can't Wait Forever" with a brand new video.
The clip finds the band's Matt Murphy wandering through airports, eating gummy worm donuts on his travels through the Maritimes. The solo traveller eventually links up with his bandmate Mike O'Neill for some company, then the pair finally reunite the whole band when they find Chris Murphy — who also happens to be indulging in a donut.
"Chris started videoing 'on the road' footage on his phone for fun and we all laughed pretty hard when we paired Matt's lonely traveller shots with our melancholic song, 'I Can't Wait Forever' so we decided to make that the track," the band tells Exclaim! "We were going to just run a snippet or two on our Instagram but Chris insisted there was enough footage to cover the entire song. The story follows Matt, the lonely traveller until he meets Mike, a fellow lonely traveller, and finally  — spoiler alert — they meet a fellow donut eater, Chris."
Get yourself a ring of delicious fried dough, kick back and join TUNS on their travels by watching the video for "I Can't Wait Forever" below.