Toxic Holocaust "Acid Fuzz" (video) (NSFW)

Toxic Holocaust 'Acid Fuzz' (video) (NSFW)
Portland thrashers Toxic Holocaust are a day away from the release of their new Chemistry of Consciousness LP, and they're giving the set a last-minute push with a bloody new animated video for "Acid Fuzz."

Scored by the band's lightning-quick, down-picked riffery and punishing drum beats, we see the results of getting a needle full of LSD streamlined into a POW's eyeball. His freakout feeds us gleefully messed-up tableaux's of military hatchet jobs, explosively sexy motorcycle rides, a shark attack, and the sight of a cross-bound Jesus getting burnt to a crisp by a huffing-and-puffing magical dragon.

There's all sorts of animated gore to get through in the video, so let's play it safe and call this one NSFW.

As previously reported, Chemistry of Consciousness arrives October 29 through Relapse Records. You can stream the record ahead of time over here.