Sleepy Brown Mr. Brown

Every crew needs a crooner and Mr. Brown is the one holding down the hooks for ATL’s extended Dungeon Fam. As such, many may be disappointed in what they get in his debut album (there's an earlier "debut” of his out there that got lost in the shuffle), because, while there are some hot collabos — "Margarita” with Pharrell and Big Boi is great because of Brown’s ability to compliment Skateboard P’s baby talk — this is clearly an R&B album. "Me, My Baby & My Cadillac” is a fun little (previously released) joint about cars and ladies, and "Underwater Love” is a weird slice of awesome. There seems to be some oomph lacking here, not entirely sure why, but then again, I’ve been off R&B since Jodeci fizzled out and D’Angelo got fat. (EMI)