Seraphic Lights "Breeze" (video)

Seraphic Lights 'Breeze' (video)
Toronto's Seraphic Lights released their debut EP last year, entitled Trapped. While fans have been download the single "Breeze" for free from their Bandcamp for some time now, the band are just now premiering the song's new video.

Drummer Michelle Puska explained a few things about the clip:

Daniel [Benjamin Buxton] came up with idea for "Breeze" while sitting alone on his porch last fall. The backing music was meant to be lush and atmospheric, sensual in an unsettling kind of way. The overdubbing of harmonica, slide guitar and organ sounds was inspired by the dark, dense layers on some of the mid-'60s Rolling Stones stuff, especially the messier, crazier jams on between the buttons like "Complicated" and "Obsession." The lyrics are saying that when you're all twisted up inside by desire for another person, you should try to calm yourself by getting back in touch with nature.

The video was shot by our friend Devon Stewart. Basically, the footage we shot is performance based, but it's put together in an abstract kind of way. We didn't want to shoehorn in an obvious story-line or rely on a clever concept. We wanted to shoot something simple and then have it be assembled in an oblique way, so that it messes with your head.

The band's name stems from the Hebrew word "seraph" or "burning ones," as well as a John Coltrane song that bassist/guitarist Buxton likes to cover. It's a name that suits their style of psychedelic blues, a kind of melting pot aesthetic. Buxton and singer-songwriter/guitarist Katelyn Molgard met in Vancouver in 2012, and hooked up with Puska when they moved to Toronto later that year.

"Breeze" has a haunting sound, with a ramshackle voodoo psych progression, ghostly wordless female backup vocals, and Buxton's guttural vocals that land somewhere between Eric Burdon and Arthur Brown. When you hear Buxton emote on "Breeze," it has a certain weight to it that one may easily attribute to his upbringing, having dropped out of high school in the mid-'90s to hone his style busking on the streets of Edmonton.

Seraphic Lights are currently doing something of a victory lap across Canada, including dates in their former haunts of Edmonton and Vancouver. Check out the tour dates and video below.

Tour dates:

06/16 Saskatoon, SK - Beaumont Film & Record
06/19 Edmonton, AB - The Artery
06/21 Vancouver, BC - Fox Cabaret
06/23 Victoria, BC - Copper Owl
06/24 Nelson, BC - Kootenay Co Op Radio
06/25 Lloydminster, AB - The Root
06/26 Gimli, MB - Ship & Plough