Pennywise Collect Early Material for 'Nineteen Eighty Eight' Collection

Pennywise Collect Early Material for 'Nineteen Eighty Eight' Collection
Pennywise last left us with their Yesterdays collection, which found the long-running Cali punkers re-recording a bunch of old tracks. Next up, they'll be treating fans to a compilation of some of their earliest material, which is being bundled up under the title Nineteen Eighty Eight. It arrives May 20 through Hardline Entertainment.

A press release notes that the upcoming compendium brings together the band's A Word from the Wise 7-inch from 1989, 1992's follow-up EP Wildcard and three songs the group had submitted to the Soul Arch comp in 1994. All of these tracks had previously been issued through Theologian Records, with the two 7-inches having previously been collected on CD by that label in 1992.

The album focuses on the Hermosa Beach melodic hardcore crew's first professional recordings. It's added that the A Word from the Wise record would be passed on to Epitaph Records head Brett Gurewitz, who would later sign the band and issue their self-titled debut in 1991. Pennywise have released 11 studio albums through Epitaph, though 2008's Reason to Believe was handled by the imprint in Europe only.

In addition to early originals, Nineteen Eighty Eight also includes a punky cover of Ben E. King's classic "Stand By Me" and a run-through of Black Flag's "Gimme Gimme Gimme." You'll find the full tracklisting for Nineteen Eighty Eight and a stream of its "No Way Out" and "Gone" down below.

Nineteen Eighty Eight is being pressed up in various vinyl colourways, with pre-order info explaining the swatches further over here.

Nineteen Eighty Eight:

1. Final Chapters
2. Covers
3. Depression
4. No Way Out
5. Gone
6. Wild Card
7. Maybes
8. Stand By Me (Ben E King)
9. Tomorrow
10. Don't Feel Nothing
11. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (Black Flag)