No Choice Anaesthetize This! Annihilate That!

The inclusion of politics in punk rock seems to be on the outs, with a good portion of the bands that do attempt to add a message to their music often coming off as insincere or under-educated on the topics they're addressing. Enter No Choice, a band that manage the difficult task of both rocking and sounding smart. They play in the old anarcho-punk vein of bands like Riot//Clone or the Subhumans but manage to throw in a few Leatherface-type moments, keeping Anaesthetize This! Annihilate That! vibrant and musically interesting. Add to that the intelligent, informed and impassioned lyrics that adorn the album's insert and it makes for one hell of a record. You may remember this band from the background of Against Me!'s We're Never Going Home DVD, but the hypocritical and evasive politics of one band shouldn't reflect on the other and No Choice come out sounding more musically vibrant and politically sincere in the long run than their former tour-mates, releasing one hell of an album in the interim. (No Idea)