Mounties Share New Single "De-Evolve Again"

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Mounties Share New Single 'De-Evolve Again'
After first teasing their sophomore album back in February, Mounties have unleashed another new track.

Titled "De-Evolve Again," the song follows the previously shared "Canoe Song" and "Burning Money." You can hear it in the player below.

The trio of Hawksley Workman, Ryan Dahle and Steve Bays expanded on the song's creation and its title in a statement:

The word 'devolve' wasn't quite enough for us. We needed to make up a word, 'De-Evolve', which is a literal Devo (the band) influence. Lyrically, it hints at some kind of global if all 7 billion broken individuals stood up and accepted a shared responsibility of what might be going wrong on the planet. 'De-Evolve Again' might be more of a conversation, with no conclusion, so deconstructing its meaning is up to the listener. There is darkness but also hope in this one, and although reality is crushing down on us, maybe we can get it together before the clocks stop.

Mounties made their debut with Thrash Rock Legacy in 2014. A press release notes that the group's forthcoming record will arrive early next year.