Mongoose White Plastic Deer

Mongoose are a bit of an enigma, an extraordinary duo who display an almost unnatural ease when it comes to crossing over into any musical genre and possessing the ability to write memorable songs while doing so. Whether they’re blasting out their pleasing drum machine-driven punk rock, or their acoustic jazz/folk/emo flavoured songs, they still hold a psychedelic instrumental funk number left in them to record. Apparently Mongoose has chosen to smear the lines of distinction between genres and to show to the world that this duo can do anything well and on their own terms. While White Plastic Deer may at times sound like sweet lo-fi trash, other moments on the recording mimic a crisp, clear, and well-defined nature that would never associate with the aforementioned. No matter where the dynamic duo decides to go from here, greatness will probably ensue. (Copperspine)