Methadones Career Objective

For those who can recall Chicago’s burgeoning punk scene of yesteryear, and for all the new comers, the sounds of the Methadones are pound it out and shake it up. Career Objective, the band’s sophomore release, displays a natural progression into a more established and stronger songwriting foundation, without tarnishing their inherent juvenile behaviour. Vocalist/guitarist Dan Vapid (and former Screeching Weasel/Riverdales bassist), has once again shown that he is prime front-man material and that his current efforts make his previous accomplishments pale in comparison, even with consideration to Sludgeworth. And regardless of the band’s Ramones and Teenage Head punk rock diplomas, the Methadones are blazing their own path and breaking young girls’ hearts everywhere. Thus, Dan Vapid need not worry about his "Premature Mid-life Crisis.” (Thick)