Macseal Super Enthusiast

Macseal Super Enthusiast
Long Island, NY emo quartet Macseal are releasing a debut full-length that will blow all other debut LPs out of the water. Super Enthusiast features catchy and polished songwriting that will make this your new favourite album.
Even though "Lucky for Some" is only two minutes long, it packs a punch. The song starts off with a ridiculously catchy, driving bass drum and guitar hook that is bound to make you grin. It doesn't make any sense paired with the depressing refrain "Everyone's falling back in love / Good luck keeping your friends / Cause nobody is falling for you," but that only makes the song better.
"Always Hazy" is a song of surprises. It starts off mellow, with a grade A guitar and bass drum line, but then the chorus and guitar solo kick in, reminding us that Macseal will never only do mellow.
Hands down, the best song on the album is "Nothing's a Sure Thing, Shelly." The fast singing, math rock guitar riff and key change are much-welcomed additions that shows off the band's range of talent.
Super Enthusiast is an impressive debut that has cemented one thing: no one should be sleeping on Macseal. (6131)