Little Wings Explores Black Grass on new LP

Little Wings Explores <i>Black Grass</i> on new LP
California-based folk outsider Kyle Field has been releasing skewered indie folk under the Little Wings moniker since 1999, but he hasn't released a new album since 2007's excellent Soft Pow'r. Fortunately, fans of surf-loving bearded troubadours can rejoice, as he's announced that a new album called Black Grass will be released next month.

 According to Tiny Mix Tapes, the album "is influenced by such disparate references as Dos (one of several post-Minutemen bands, this one featuring Mike Watt and ex-wife/ex-Black Flag's Kirra Roessler) and the song 'West End Girls' by Pet Shop Boys."

Black Grass will be available on February 25 via Rad Records, which is Field's own offshoot of Marriage Records. TMT also has the song "How Come?" available for streaming here, while live versions of many songs on the album can be heard on a recent Daytrotter Session.

Black Grass:

1. "Gold Teeth"

2. "How Come?"

3. "Mr. Natural"

4. "Can I Knock on This Door"

5. "I Grow Too"

6. "Come Fall"

7. "Stay Joking"

8. "Fall Skull"

9. "Little Bit"

10. "Black Grass"