Little Wings "By Now"

Little Wings 'By Now'
Prolific folk dude Little Wings didn't release an album in 2014, but that won't be the case in 2015, since he's announced that Explains will be out on May 26 through Woodsist. For now, the track "By Now" is available to stream.

The song is a mellow folk rock ditty with backwoods acoustic strums and raw, craggy vocals. The soft-focus keyboard, on the other hand, lends the arrangement a sleepy daydream vibe that prevents it from sounding too rustic.

Real Estate's Alex Bleeker said in a statement, "Kyle Field, professionally known as Little Wings, is a living legend. He is the modern embodiment of the traveling bard and the singing troubadour. Kyle's discography is vast and impressive, full of tunes that are plucked from the lexicon of great American songwriting. On his latest effort, Explains, he crafts melodies so haunting and familiar; it's as if he's not composing them at all. He is tapping into something greater, acting as a vessel for the collective unconscious that is folk music."

Hear "By Now" below.