The Limousines Get Sharp

Youth, dancing, drugs, sex, sex, sex ― that's pretty much all you need to know in regards to what Californians the Limousines want to get across on this album, besides an off-kilter attitude. The Limousine's hyper-glam-pop sound comes from drummer/producer Giovani Giusti and Eric Victorino, who came from a hardcore band but can't really sing, shooting for the stars but falling flat. There's too much going on, the vocals are distracting, the lyrics are cheesy and what sounds like pop that's kid-friendly is definitely not. Sure, your foot will tap to the drum machine's beats and choruses, but that's a given with this sound. If the Limousines strip down some of the effects, sing a little lower, calm down a bit and figure out their masturbation problems, they might be onto something. (Dangerbird)