Landing Project Here Goes Everything

Interesting packaging is neat. An album coupled with good artwork and brought together in a unique way can really make the record stand out. Landing Project put their CD in one of those old-school floppy disc folders so, while it may be a bitch to fit in with the rest of your collection, it certainly stands out. Luckily for everyone involved the music within lives up to its accommodations. Jangly guitars mix with gruff vocals to give a surface-level Florida/No Idea vibe before the band start piling on layers of guitars and quick changes, making it clear this is more than your average post-whatever outfit. The country tinge to "I've Gotta Do" shows the band aren't devoid of a sense of humour, while the homage to Op Ivy and Minor Threat in "Turn Up Your Stereo," while a little corny, works as one of the best straight-up rockers on here. The production is a little flat but still manages to capture the live essence that's essential to this type of band. (Independent)