King Reign "Santa Romeo"

King Reign 'Santa Romeo'
Following Kign Reign's passing last year, a new posthumous track has been released to honour the fallen Toronto rap hero. Called "Santa Romeo," the song is now online, allowing all of us to celebrate his legacy.

As King Reign's camp explains, the track follows "the romantic highs and lows of a casanova that highlights many aspects of his artistry with storytelling, humour and unequivocal charm." It was produced by Darp Malone, with a DJ Skratch Bastid drum edit and Ivana Santilli on the horn.

A press release adds, "It's a light-hearted commentary on the always prevalent narrative of a lothario finding himself caught in a sticky situation with the chorus highlighting his unmistakably soulful voice, questioning 'she love me, she loves me not.'"

For now, you can check out the track below, but an animated video is expected to be released soon. More King Reign material is also promised to arrive in the near future.