Kim Churchill With Sword and Shield

Aussie singer-songwriter Kim Churchill plays acoustic guitar percussion, combining feisty finger picking with lap tapping. Years of classical training and surf culture inspiration coalesce into Churchill's perfectly executed technique and soulful delivery. His songs are intricately structured and his lyrics meditative, unabashedly delving into existentialism, at times, yet his music radiates fresh youthfulness and raw exuberance. Gentle voiced reminders to spend your soul with integrity contrast beautifully with more passionate pleas, as in single "Loving Home," where he shouts, "Whatever keeps your soul on fire helps to keep your heart at ease." With numerous festival performances and now a well-received debut under his belt, both winning him acclaim in his native Australia, Churchill naturally sets his sights on gaining our attention. The Canadian release of his debut full-length, With Sword and Shield, includes tracks off his Turns to Stone EP, and get our attention it most definitely will. (Indica)