Kellarissa Shares Dreamy Video for "The Radio"

Kellarissa Shares Dreamy Video for 'The Radio'
Vancouver synth popster Kellarissa continues to crank out content related to her recent Ocean Electric LP. Today, for example, she's dropped a dreamy video for the album's "The Radio."

Directed by Hasan Li, the clip offers a subtle yet satisfying visual interpretation of the song. 

Here's an explanation of the clip from Kellarissa mastermind Larissa Loyva:

"The Radio" depicts those small hours in the middle of the night when you can't sleep and your mind drifts and sifts through your fears and fantasies. I always find turning on the BBC overnight service on CBC radio does the trick to get me out of my head enough to relax and go back to sleep. The video, directed by Hasan Li, blurs the line between fantasies and dreams, and it may lull you back to sleep too.

Watch the video for "The Radio" below. You can also catch Kellarissa at Calgary's Femme Wave festival on November 17.