Jonathan Davis Says Korn Spent $80,000 on Booze to Record 'Follow the Leader'

Jonathan Davis Says Korn Spent $80,000 on Booze to Record 'Follow the Leader'
While the members of Korn seem to spend most of their money on actual corn these days, there was a time when they had a more debaucherous budget. More specifically, frontman Jonathan Davis explains that the band spent $60,000 USD (or nearly $80,000 CAD) on liquor while recording their excellent Follow the Leader LP.

The tidbit was revealed in a new profile on Davis in The Ringer. In the piece, the scatting, bagpipe-playing nu-metal frontman explains that Leader's recording session was fuelled by "cocaine, speed, and just constant gallons of Jack Daniel's."

Davis' estimate for the $60,000 alcohol tab includes constant partying with Limp Bizkit and Deftones during the recording sessions. "That's not even counting the fuckin' drug money I spent on blow," he added.

In fact, Davis says he refused to record vocals for album opener "It's On!" unless there was a Scarface-sized pile of cocaine in front of the mic.

"It was the pinnacle of rock'n'roll excess," he said. "I'm singing on a record, I'm high on cocaine, and there's some bitch blowing an amazing fucking musician that's in an amazing band — I'm not naming names, I don't fucking tell. But it was a one of my homies and one of those porn stars. It was amazing."

If you want to revisit the time Jonathan Davis really "Got the Life," you can read the full profile here.