Ice Cube & Common "Real People" (video)

Ice Cube & Common 'Real People' (video)
Just a few days after unveiling their Barbershop: The Next Cut-supporting single, "Real People," Ice Cube and Common have shaved off a few movie scenes for a new music video.

The clip mixes together some of the cinematic moments from the upcoming comedy with fresh footage of Cube and Common getting spruced-up at a barbershop. Ice Cube reminisces about the old days as he waits his turn, while a freshly-shaved Common tackles the second verse from a barber's chair.

Featuring a few hugs, a few verses and the sight of a kid getting clowned out with a goofball haircut, you'll find the expertly faded clip combo below. As previously reported, Barbershop: The Next Cut hits theatres April 15.