The Hood Internet "Suit and Commercial" (Justin Timberlake & Daft Punk Mashup)

The Hood Internet 'Suit and Commercial' (Justin Timberlake & Daft Punk Mashup)
Mashup magnates the Hood Internet are at it again, this time working with arguably two of 2013's most anticipated releases from Justin Timberlake and French electronic heroes Daft Punk. As you can expect by the title, "Suit and Commercial" blends JT's nu-soul single "Suit & Tie" with Daft Punk's quick-fix, 15-second teaser that aired on SNL a few weeks back.

The results are pleasant enough, with Timberlake's buttery vocals about getting all primped-up for the night dripping all over the French Touch duo's looped four-on-the-floor synth bounce. You can stream or download the mashup down below whilst wondering whether or not JT's dome will ever be fitted with one of those cool-ass robot helmets the Daft dudes regularly rock.

JT's The 20/20 Experience is due out March 19 via RCA Records, while Daft Punk have yet to set a date for their upcoming guest-heavy LP.