Enforcer Diamonds

NWOBHM revival bands may seem like little more than retread, but there's always some fresh take they have on the whole ordeal. In the case of Enforcer's sophomore excursion, Diamonds, the band unite the dual guitar wankery of Iron Maiden with the exuberance and falsetto vocal attack of fellow diehards Cauldron. Toss in a bastardized degree of no-frills demons Tank with that kitsch only the Darkness were capable of and you've got a rather amusing experience. It assures the album is equal parts beefy and fiery; it unites energy with the go-getter mentality any young band thrive on yet factors in enough of Killers (most evident on third tune "Katana") to be accomplished, technically explosive and full of bold songwriting. As is the case with most of these bands, the vocal style does take some getting used to, and could feature a bit more baritone grit, but in the greater context of Diamonds, little is absent from this bout of new dudes honouring old school legacies. (Heavy Artillery)