Drake Says Pusha-T "Made an Entire Career" Out of Their Feud

Drake Says Pusha-T 'Made an Entire Career' Out of Their Feud
The world may be focused on 2020, but Drake still has a few things he needs to get off his chest from 2018. Specifically, he's got a few final thoughts on his beef with Pusha-T.

In 2018, Drake and Pusha took a series of shots at one another, culminating with Pusha revealing the existence of Drake's secret son in "The Story of Adidon."

Drake opened up about the beef in a new 140-minute interview with Rap Radar. "He's just made an entire career off of it," Drake said of Pusha and their beef. "Some people like his music. I personally don't 'cause I don't believe any of it and I like to listen to guys I believe."

Drake added that he is still a fan of Pusha's early music with his brother No Malice in Clipse, but he's since got "to peek behind the curtain" and no longer thinks Pusha has integrity as a rapper.

"When I was whatever, 16, thinking that he was the biggest dope dealer in the world serving bricks to all, every corner of America, yeah sure I was a fan – obviously more so just a fan of Pharrell and the Neptunes," Drake said. "I always wanted to be signed to Star Trak and stuff like that, that was the wave. Now that I'm grown up, and I actually know him and the truth, it's just not as appealing as it once was."

Drake added that he has "no desire to mend anything" with Pusha-T, adding he still thinks he held his own lyrically in their rap beef.

"I sleep well at night knowing I didn't get out-barred," Drake said. "It was just, you know, he told the world that the biggest artist at the time has a kid that he hasn't told you about. I knew kind of, for me, it was over at that point."

Watch Drake's full interview with Rap Radar below.