DJ Tiësto Falls Victim to Death Hoax

DJ Tiësto Falls Victim to Death Hoax
If you happened to be browsing Twitter or Google in the early hours of this morning (July 7), you may have read that Dutch DJ Tiësto had died in a car accident in California. Well, these rumours were false, and Tiësto is alive and well.

The good news comes from the DJ sensation himself, who took to his Twitter account and wrote, "It's nice to read that people care about my life. Thank you for all the support. It's good to be alive and to get so much love from You xx"

The source of the original rumour is unknown, but you know how these things start: somebody makes a false claim and then everyone jumps on board. The news of Tiësto's death was so widespread that it even trended on Twitter. Of course, it was always a bit suspicious, since Tiësto is currently on tour in Europe and not in California as the reports claimed. And hell, he's even helping Exclaim! run this little contest.

This is the latest of many Internet-fuelled death hoaxes, with other recent victims including Gordon Lightfoot, Chuck Biscuit and Kanye West.

And today isn't the first that fans have feared for Tiësto's life. In 2007, he was threatened by Lebanese terrorists. Now, the DJ has returned to business as usual: tweeting about the World Cup.