Com Truise Returns with 'Iteration' LP

Hear the album's first teaser track "Memory" now
Com Truise Returns with 'Iteration' LP
Six years on from the release of Galactic Melt, Los Angeles-based producer Com Truise has lifted the curtain on a long-awaited follow-up LP. Titled Iteration, Seth Haley's latest effort as Com Truise touches down on June 16 via Ghostly International.

Twelve tracks in length, Iteration is said to be "the most elegant and streamlined that Haley's music has ever sounded," featuring hallmarks that include "neon-streaked melodies, big drums, robotic grooves, bleary nostalgia," according to a press release. Building on the narrative continued through EP releases Wave 1 and Silicon Tare, the album centres on Com Truise and his alien love escape the aforementioned planet to live in peace.

While the storyline may be fictional, Haley's latest collection of tunes is also partly informed by his own real life. A press release reveals the music was inspired by the producer's adjustment to life in L.A. in fighting homesickness and burnout, fighting feelings of uncertainty, transition and self-realization.

"I try hard not to write from my personal life, but it's inevitably going to seep into the music," Haley explained in a statement. "It's basically like I'm scoring this film in my head, but that film I'm scoring is also somehow my life."

You can hear how that plays out by streaming the first teaser track "Memory" below the tracklist.

As previously reported, Haley is set to accompany Clark on a North American tour, which you can find more info on over here.


1. ...Of Your Fake Dimension 
2. Ephemeron 
3. Dryswch 
4. Isostasy 
5. Memory 
6. Propagation 
7. Vacuume 
8. Ternary 
9. Usurper 
10. Syrthio 
11. When Will You Find The Limit...
12. Iteration