Coldplay's New Song "Higher Power" Has Arrived

And so has a video with some cringey Chris Martin dance moves
Coldplay's New Song 'Higher Power' Has Arrived
Following some typical-at-this-point teasing, Coldplay are back with their new single "Higher Power." As promised, you can now check out the band's new song alongside a freshly shared video.

The song is produced by Max Martin, and it comes alongside a somewhat novel video rollout. While we can watch the video down here on Earth, the band partnered with Fresh astronaut Thomas Pesquet — who is currently on board the International Space Station — to broadcast a special performance of the song from outer space.

Down here on the planet, though, we pretty much just have a traditional music video — though it is one that features Chris Martin doing some pretty cringey, meme-ready dance moves, à la Thom "Lotus Flower" Yorke. There are apparently supposed to be alien holograms in there too, though that's not necessarily a good thing.

Check out the "Higher Power" video below, where you can also watch a conversation between the Coldplay dudes and Pesquet.

Coldplay's last album arrived in 2018 with Everyday Life. However, the press release for "Higher Power" makes zero mention of any new record from the band arriving soon.