The Cinematic Orchestra Remixes 98-2000

It is really quite amazing to see how J. Swinscoe and company take a track and make it sound completely different - something they can truly call their own and add that Cinematic flavour. And that's what makes this remix album so brilliant; even though these are all knob-twiddles and re-workings, it's essentially a Cinematic Orchestra record. Ninja has tracked down seven cuts that Cinematic has remixed in the past two years. Some of these tracks were limited edition and are quite rare, and others were once only available on vinyl. Being a group of musicians with some technology and cuts added, the way they approach a remix is remarkable. Recreating sounds live from something like DJ Krust's "Re-Arrange" (a drum & bass track) and stopping it in its tracks by churning out a completely down-tempo, drifting jazz number of epic proportions (clocking in at over nine minutes!). The majority of these tracks seem to be obscure when it comes down to the original artist, so it's hard to compare the previous version to the Cinematic form. Yet fans of the Orchestra's previous effort, Motion, will instantly fall in love with these remixes and new heads will get an understanding of how truly beautiful this band is. This is simply breathtaking. (Ninja Tune)