Born Ruffians Show Us Their "Dedication" with Their Very Own Infomercial

Check out the band's new 'JUICE' single — and their 1-800 number
Born Ruffians Show Us Their 'Dedication' with Their Very Own Infomercial
Born Ruffians are returning with their new album JUICE, and to give us a better idea what to expect, the Ontario group have unloaded the new song "Dedication," which arrives via an incredibly wacky informercial.

Yes, the clip serves as both a music video and a full-on informercial. Director Roger Galvez explained the following:

"Dedication" is like one of those beautiful poisonous frogs from deep in the rainforest. On the surface its all blue, green, and gorgeous, but once you lick that sucker — you're toast. The song invites you in with immediate energy, and before long you realize you're singing along to humanity's demise. For the video we wanted to bottle that trickery and literally sell it. We got a functioning 1-800 number, hired some local actors, threw on some ridiculous makeup, and shot a full-blown infomercial.

And he's not kidding about the 1-800 number — call Born Ruffians' Dedication Hotline for more information at 1-855-909-0280.

Speaking of the song, Born Ruffians' Luke Lalonde said, "'Dedication' is about destruction. Dedication to global destruction in the name of greed, glory and God. All of our stupid human follies and fancies. Easter Island on a global scale. How everything modern and human may be designed and dedicated to consumption and death."

Watch the "Dedication video below. It follows the previously shared album track "I Fall in Love Every Night."

JUICE arrives on April 3 via the band's own label Wavy Haze Records in Canada and Yep Roc Records elsewhere. The record is the sixth Born Ruffians album and their first since 2018's Uncle, Duke and the Chief. Lalonde also released the solo album The Perpetual Optimist in 2019.

As previously reported, Born Ruffians have a series of tour dates coming up, and you can see those here.