Black Milk Fever

Black Milk Fever
As a followup from his 2016 instrumental album The Rebellion Sessions, Black Milk comes out with a new solo rap project, Fever. Black Milk has redefined his voice and artistic style for this project, with reggae- and jazz-infused beats and politically motivated lyrics.
The production from his last project was not incorporated into this album; since his last project was accompanied with vocals by Nat Turner, Black Milk embraces his own voice on Fever, further proving his unique artistry.
Black Milk articulates his experience navigating the tense political climate in the United States. In the opening track "unVEil" he reveals the strength it took for him to bring pen to paper to discuss why the issues of today has put him in rage.
This project has more merit and a different style in production compared to his previous albums. Black Milk has renewed his sound, proven his skill in lyricism, and displayed his depth as an artist who is proudly using his platform to discuss political issues. (Mass Appeal)