Best Cannabis Gifts for Your Friend Who Has Everything

Best Cannabis Gifts for Your Friend Who Has Everything
Promotional consideration provided by Friendly Stranger.

Picking out the perfect holiday gift is a difficult task, especially when the person you're buying for seems to own everything. The cannabis connoisseur in your life surely owns the staples of a good sesh, so you'll have to get creative when shopping for them this season. Luckily, Friendly Stranger has a ton of unique items to surprise even the most prepared people.

Check out the best cannabis gifts to buy for your friend who has everything below.

Medium Clear Pop Top Jar – Write & Erase (420 Science)

The 420 Science Pop Top storage jar locks in moisture and prolongs the freshness of your cannabis. Tried and true, 420 Science make the official air-tight jars used by the High Times Cannabis Cup. It's the perfect way to store your stash.

Delta Torch Lighter (Vector)

The Delta is a dual flame lighter from Vector for those who prefer a high-powered torch. Simply push a button to reveal the chamber and ignite the flame. Its strategic build also includes a cigar cutter and clear butane chamber, so it's easy to see how much fluid is left. The Delta is available in gorgeous Rose Gold and a selection of other colours, like Gunmetal Satin and Mahogany Marble.

Ceramic Glazed Mug Pipe

At first glance, this accessory looks like a traditional mug, but further inspection will reveal a discrete bowl piece, a draw hole and a choke/carb. This inconspicuous coffee cup is actually a cleverly disguised (and fully functional) pipe!

Purple Haze Sand (Celebration Pipe)

Celebration Pipes are handcrafted in Hawaii and and made from volcanic rock that is fired to over 2,350°C before being plated in 22K gold. The Purple Haze finish is just one of several beautiful styles to choose from. This impressive piece is encased in a handmade velvet and satin pouch and includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. All of this comes in a gift box, making the set a perfect present.

Cannabolish Candle (Cannabolish)

The Cannabolish Candle is a clean-burning, soy-based candle made with natural ingredients. Sans toxic chemicals and fake fragrances, it's a safe way to remove cannabis smoke odors (not just cover them up)! The candle sits in a recyclable glass container, which is as pretty as it is ethical.

Fisherman's Friend (Monkey Pipe)

Made by the same folks who developed the Original Monkey Pipe, the Fisherman's Friend upholds the reputation of superior craftsmanship and premium quality. Fashioned from elegant hardwoods like white oak, black walnut and sapele, the Fisherman's Friend has a beautiful and smooth finish. With a nickel-plated mouthpiece and stainless steel plate that slides out to reveal a stash compartment, it's perfect for travelling smoke sessions.