BEAK> Detail New '>>>' Album

You can hear the new single "Brean Down" now
BEAK> Detail New '>>>' Album
After hinting at the arrival of a new disc in mapping out a tour last month, Portishead-adjacent out-rockers BEAK> have lifted the curtain on their new full-length LP.

The follow-up effort to 2012's >> is fittingly titled >>> and will arrive September 21 through Invada Records/Temporary Residence. Ten tracks in length, the album was recorded at Invada's studios in Bristol.

The previously shared "Allé Sauvage" appears in the tracklisting. Alongside the announcement, the group have shared new single "Brean Down," which you can hear below.

Invada's Redg Weeks elaborated on the record's sound in a statement:

The production and feel of the first two albums was like listening through frosted glass; a band playing behind a curtain. Now we are hearing Beak> in sharp focus, but without forfeiting what the band see as its "wrongness." This could be the result of having played bigger stages and festivals — something that was never part of the plan — or perhaps it is just a reaction to the infinite cut & paste fuzz pedal kraut bands on the planet.


1. The Brazilian
2. Brean Down
3. Birthday Suit
4. Harvester
5. Allé Sauvage
6. Tesco
7. King of the Castle
8. RSI
9. Abbots Leigh
10. When We Fall