Anti-Flag The Terror State

Although Anti-Flag are about a billion times more musically talented than Crass ever were, their political activism and fan base does tend to fall along the same radical lines. Continuing down the same path as their debut disc, Die for the Government, The Terror State takes another direct stab at the United States, its dictatorship hidden under the guise of democracy and its terrorist actions throughout history. Not stopping there, Anti-Flag resumes the battle with the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and enlists Woody Guthrie’s songwriting abilities on "Post-War Breakout,” which was written some 40 years ago. Whether or not one agrees with Anti-Flag’s evident political stance, or enjoys the band’s formulaic songs, the band at least has the balls to spit out what’s eating them up inside in regards to current world affairs and does it with more power and catchiness then the majority of bands out there with absolutely nothing to say. (Fat Wreck)