Angry Funny Pissed Jeans

Angry Funny <b>Pissed Jeans</b>
Pissed Jeans' music to this point has been a balancing act between two disparate musical methods - one part ferocious anger, the other gut-wrenching humour. While the two sides are often about as far apart from one another on the musical spectrum as possible the Jeans have always managed to unite them in a way that never comes across as cheesy or fallacious. "I worry less about angry or funny and just try and make it interesting," says lead singer Matt Korvette. "I guess naturally I'm more disposed to doing something sort of funny rather than something dramatic. It's just naturally my tone when I write lyrics."

With Pissed Jeans' third full-length and second for Sub Pop, King of Jeans, they still manage to walk the same fine line they always have; only the approach has differed. "I think it's more like a poppier record," says Korvette. "There are little, smaller bits of songs that are more straight-forward and just verse-chorus rock songs as opposed to more esoteric type stuff."

Poppy may not be the adjective many would use to describe the band's virulent brand of rock, but it is a fair indication of the change between records. "We could easily write a record of the most painful music you've ever heard or an album that's more poppy than this one. I guess we got more into writing riffs on this record; more of a hard rock perspective."

But for a band whose entire existence has thus far relied on wallowing in the contrary there remains a sense of the practical world in their songs. "I try to be real and just talk about things I'm noticing in real life or I'm being affected by." Perhaps more than any other song this is best represented by "Request for Masseuse." "Everyone can relate to that right? I've had massages that are fantastic!"