​Suspicious Package Sent to Robert De Niro's Offices in New York

It follows a number of attempted pipe bombings directed at prominent Democrat figures
​Suspicious Package Sent to Robert De Niro's Offices in New York
Robert De Niro is the latest recipient of a suspicious package amidst a string of attempted pipe bombings aimed at prominent Republican critics.
A package addressed to De Niro was sent to Tribeca Grill in Manhattan, where the actor both owns the restaurant and offices. However, the suspicious package was intercepted by the police bomb squad this morning.
De Niro has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, proclaiming "Fuck Trump!" at the Tony Awards earlier this year. He also portrayed special prosecutor Robert Mueller (in charge of the Russia investigation) on Saturday Night Live last season.
The package is reportedly similar to those containing pipe bombs that have been sent to other prominent Democratic figures this week, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former attorney general Eric Holder, congresswoman Maxine Walters, former CIA director John Brennan and billionaire donor George Soros.

Police also intercepted a package addressed to former vice-president Joe Biden this morning.
The packages are being analyzed by the FBI at a lab in Virginia, where they've concluded that at least five of the mailouts feature matching envelopes and similar labels.
Despite the fact that the package addressed to Brennan was delivered to the CNN offices in New York, U.S. President Donald Trump is blaming the mainstream media for generating the partisan anger in America that led to these attempted attacks.