Netflix's 'That '90s Show' Gets Release Date and First Trailer

The same old thing we did last week
Netflix's 'That '90s Show' Gets Release Date and First Trailer
Photo: Patrick Wymore / Netflix
We're a good decade-plus into '90s nostalgia, so now's as good a time as any for That '90s Show, Netflix's new spinoff of That '70s Show. The series now has a release date as well as a teaser trailer. It will premiere on January 19, 2023.

The show stars Callie Haverda as Leia Forman, the teenage daughter of That '70s Show characters Eric and Donna, who spends the summer with grandparents Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp). There, she meets a whole new generation of teens. Honestly, as far as reboot/spinoff synopses go, that's pretty good. The cast is rounded out by Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Donovan, Reyn Doi and Sam Morelos.

The trailer takes audiences back to the famous Forman basement with plenty of nostalgia: there's a laugh track (just like in That '70s Show), a round-the-table weed-smoking scene, and an updated pop-punk version of the theme song (which was originally by Big Star and was performed by Cheap Trick for That '70s Show). Hello, Wisconsin!

Check out the trailer below.