​Netflix Releases Blooper Reel in Honour of '"Stranger Things' Day"

Cast members of the show are also wishing fans a happy "'Stranger Things' Day"
​Netflix Releases Blooper Reel in Honour of ''Stranger Things' Day'
Netflix has released a blooper reel from Season 3 of Stranger Things.
The video clip arrives on what has been dubbed "Stranger Things Day" — because November 6 is the date that Will Byers first goes missing and enters the Upside Down.
It features plenty of flubbed lines, outtakes and behind-the-scenes fun.
A number of cast members have also hopped in on the not-quite-official holiday, wishing fans a happy "Stranger Things Day."
Check out the Season 3 blooper reel and the cast messages below.

A fourth season of the show has been confirmed, though details have not yet been revealed.