Man Crashes into Tree After Driving "Like Ace Ventura" with Head Out Window

The phrase 'Dumb and Dumber' comes to mind
Man Crashes into Tree After Driving 'Like Ace Ventura' with Head Out Window
A man in Nebraska made headlines this weekend after doing a truly terrible Jim Carrey impression. More specifically, he crashed into a tree and a retaining wall after driving his car "like Ace Ventura."

According to Global, the driver said he was driving his car in Lincoln, NE, with his head out the window because of an issue with his windshield wipers. More specifically, a police report said the driver "informed officers that he crashed because of inoperable windshield wipers, which forced him to drive with his head out of the window, 'like Ace Ventura' due to the rain."

In the classic Ace Ventura scene, Carrey drives with his head out the window due to a smashed windshield. In real life, however, the Carrey impersonator was also booked for driving under the influence. He reportedly had a blood-alcohol report of .137.