Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington Are Starring in an 'On Cinema' Movie

'Mister America' is headed our way this fall
Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington Are Starring in an 'On Cinema' Movie
Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington's On Cinema at the Cinema is almost impossible to describe. What started as a simple parody of saccharine movie review shows has birthed a spinoff series (Decker), a spinoff rock band (Dekkar) and, among other things, an EDM project that caused a series of music festival deaths (DKR). Now, the Adult Swim show is getting its own movie.

The film is called Mister America and will follow the heightened On Cinema version of Heidecker as he attempts to be elected as the San Bernardino district attorney. As Variety reports, Heidecker's political campaign in the movie comes after he beats a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM fest, but obviously, things don't go well on the campaign trail.

The film will be directed by Eric Notarnicola, who previously helmed numerous episodes of On Cinema, as well as its 2018 Oscar special. Mister America was written by Heidecker, Turkington and Notarnicola, and the movie will be distributed by Magnolia Pictures.

"We unleashed Tim into the real world to run the worst campaign in modern history, and document the process," Notarnicola said. "I'm thrilled that Magnolia is bringing Tim Heidecker's message to the masses."

Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles added, "Mister America is a wonderful tribute to our political process at work. It makes me proud to be an American."

As of yet, there is no firm release date for Mister America, but it is expected to arrive this fall.