​Jim Carrey Unveils More Trump Paintings

​Jim Carrey Unveils More Trump Paintings
Jim Carrey may be Canadian-born, but the comedian has been artistically attacking the current U.S. administration for a while now, and he took the Thanksgiving holiday to share some more unflattering portraits of Donald Trump.
Earlier this week, Carrey shared one of Trump spewing "LIES LIES LIES," then unveiled one of Trump buddying up with Mohammed bin Salman (after the CIA reportedly determined that the Saudi crown prince had ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi).
Now, Carrey has shared a couple of Thanksgiving-themed paintings. One seems to be a criticism of the U.S. military, featuring a "Turkey Tank," while another one sees Trump on the phone saying, "The wurld iz a vishus place, Happy Thanx-giving!"
See his latest artwork below.
In other Carrey-related news, the actor/comedian served as the inspiration behind one of Alessia Cara's new songs on The Pains of Growing.