Vancouver Punk Bands Lose $20,000 of Gear in Practice Space Robbery

Vancouver Punk Bands Lose $20,000 of Gear in Practice Space Robbery
Over the years, we've heard of plenty of touring bands getting their gear stolen while on the road, but some members of Vancouver's punk rock scene recently got robbed right in their home base. Following a practice space break-in, a handful of bands collectively lost an estimated $20,000 in equipment.

The robbery took place this past Thursday night (April 17) on Franklin Street in East Vancouver. The bands involved are the Vicious Cycles, the Jolts, Piggy, Greenback High and Les Spelles. Bronco Jones wrote the following statement on Facebook:

My band practice space got broken into last night. The Vicious Cycles, The Jolts, Piggy, Greenback High, Les Spelles all lost gear. In total we lost around 17 guitars and 2 or 3 amps. Probably around $20,000 worth. I am going to be collecting photos of the guitars and amps from the guys and girls that lost them and will post them here. Please help me out by

1. Reposting this.

2. Watching for those guitars.

3. Donating some money to us at (paypal or email money to it)

A couple of the guys lost around $5000 worth of gear, and I would really like to help them recover some of it. Some of the guitars still have a lot of money to be paid on them.

Thanks for your help.

Pictures of the missing gear can be seen in the photo gallery here (that's one of the instruments above). As of press time, Jones' status has been shared 211 times on Facebook.

UPDATE: Luckily, the bands have now recovered much of the gear.