Mark Ronson "Summer Breaking" / "Daffodils" (ft. Kevin Parker) (video)

Mark Ronson 'Summer Breaking' / 'Daffodils' (ft. Kevin Parker) (video)
While "Uptown Funk" is no doubt gon' give it to someone today, Mark Ronson's celebrating different parts of his Uptown Special with a new, tropical video for the record's "Summer Breaking" and "Daffodils." The combination piece melds two tracks sung by Tame Impala's Kevin Parker.

The first half of the vid finds a plane touching down in a tropical paradise, where a young girl enjoys a summer full of family pics beneath rainbows and palm trees, and late night walks along beaches with a boy.

The yacht rock feel of "Summer Breaking" soon fades into the sweaty electro vibes of "Daffodils," which is paired with visuals of a dance party down by the basketball court.

You can see all the vaycay action down below.