Lone Cluster Dreams

If music was made for the four seasons, Cluster Dreams by Nottingham DJ/producer Lone would be the EP to spin while ushering in a lazy summer. Opening track "Sharpest View of the Sun" is filled with bubbling psychedelic vibes, pulsing with low, humming synths, offset by shimmering, ethereal highs akin to Boards of Canada's Geogaddi. The disc slides into a lazy, spaced-out anthem with "Fly Fire Rainbow" before rolling into the upbeat "A Ridge Between Mountains," a track oddly similar to the opening number, minus the pulsing synths, drizzled with flighty, bright keys. Closing track "Midnight Feast" is a Bibio remix pulled from Lone's debut album, Everything Is Changing Colour. Snapping percussion falls in and out of the song while ambient, folksy guitar sweeps and crescendos throughout, almost capturing the entire atmosphere of Cluster Dreams. (Dealmaker)