Joel Plaskett "On a Dime"

Joel Plaskett 'On a Dime'
Joel Plaskett's letting us drink in a bit of his upcoming Joel Plaskett & the Park Avenue Sobriety Test album early, having just unveiled the nostalgic new single, "On a Dime."

The track plays out as a Canadiana-style anthem dedicated to the days of yore, with fiddles and dusty guitar chords colluding beneath Plaskett's vivid impressions of the past. Within his "mason jar of memories," he details van trips across various stretches of highways, street hockey games in Halifax and more.

"'On a Dime' is a reminiscence of the 'good old days' of the Halifax music scene and the joy of traveling around North America with friends" Plaskett said in a statement, further describing the track as highlighting his "misty water coloured memories."

You can stream "On a Dime" right now, but the rest of Joel Plaskett & the Park Avenue Sobriety Test lands March 17 through Pheromone Recordings.