Jenn Grant "Galaxies" (video)

Jenn Grant  'Galaxies' (video)
Jenn Grant is getting ready to take us to Paradise with her next full-length album, and she's just previewed what's in store with a new video for "Galaxies."
The clip finds the singer-songwriter collaborating with director Adam Goldhammer and her cinematographer brother Daniel Grant to bring the "mystical transformation" conveyed in the song onto the screen.
Throughout the course of the video, we see characters taking in a colourful explosion of lights from the depths of the forest, ultimately moving out of isolation and forging a sense of community with other.
Watch the video for "Galaxies" below [via Baebel]. Paradise is out on March 3 through Outside. Grant also has a lengthy tour coming up in support of the album, and you can see all her dates here.