HEALTH Tap Haxan Cloak for Upcoming New Album

HEALTH Tap Haxan Cloak for Upcoming New Album
Los Angeles experimental outfit HEALTH have been off our radar for a while now, last having delivered a score for videogame Max Payne in 2012, but it looks as if the noiseniks are working on a new album with British producer Haxan Cloak (a.k.a. Bobby Krlic).

  Though the details are still developing behind the project, an interview with the Quietus had the producer confirming that among a few current studio projects, he's "been helping out HEALTH with their new record."

Few specifics were delivered, including the title or release date, but the record will be the first proper LP from HEALTH since 2009's Get Color. As for his relationship with the band, Haxan Cloak praised HEALTH for being "a monstrously heavy and weird band," claiming that the act are "massively underrated."

"I don't know what people think of HEALTH but maybe they think they're just trendy dudes just trying out noise music," he pondered. "I think they have the wrong kind of image for some people — it's a clothing issue maybe. But if you see them live… they're just a monstrously heavy and weird band and I think this new record is going to cement that for them even further. I don't know when it's coming out but I know it's been a long process."

Haxan Cloak also hinted at another upcoming collaboration, but "can't say who the other band is." He made mention of some score work coming up as well, but likewise couldn't reveal which motion pictures these will be for. He did concede, however, "I've been working with a composer who's an idol of mine so it's a really big deal for me."