Evening Hymns St. Albans Church, Ottawa ON, August 20

Evening Hymns St. Albans Church, Ottawa ON, August 20
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
Next on the bill was Evening Hymns, who were playing their first show with a new backing band assembled around core member and songwriter Jonas Bonnetta. Having just completed mastering on a new record, the quartet made a bold move in opening the set with three previously unheard tracks. The road test seemed to prove successful, with the audience reacting well to the group's tasteful blend of evocative lyrics and straightforward folk-rock arrangements.

The newly minted quartet, which features bassist Sylvie Smith, guitarist Jon Hynes and drummer Pat Johnson, also played some more recognizable fare from 2013 Polaris Prize-long listed effort Spectral Dusk. In what was perhaps the most stirring moment of the set, Bonetta touched on the passing of his father before segueing into the moving "You and Jake," a meditation that finds itself lyrically concerned with the relationship between a father and his sons. The crowd sat silent in reflective awe before a well-deserved round of applause at the piece's end.

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