Evening Hymns "Family Tree" (video)

Evening Hymns 'Family Tree' (video)
Evening Hymns already announced that their album Spectral Dusk would drop on August 21 via Shuffling Feet Records, and now the Toronto folk rock band have given their fans a taste of the new LP with a video for the track "Family Tree."

This clip shows scenes of domestic bliss that flicker past as ghostly projections against an old house and an empty bed. These are intercut with images of frontman Jonas Bonnetta looking pensive while plucking away on an acoustic guitar, making for an eerie and mysterious clip.

The video was made by Istoica (Chris Altorf and Jessica Hayes) and James Cooper.

Speaking of the video, Altorf said in a statement, "The main concept of the video centred around the idea of presence. We tried to explore how a space can be filled or weighted with memories, and also drained of those same moments. We used projections of events doubled onto the same space when empty to illustrate the dissipation of family. We were interested in the idea of how relationships can be built and supported by perceived strength, but also how events can shatter such perceptions."

See Evening Hymn's tour schedule here. It includes a Toronto stop on August 17 at the Theatre Centre as part of the SummerWorks festival and on August 19 in Ottawa at Raw Sugar.

And of course watch the video for "Family Tree," along with a making-of clip, below.