Did Gregg Gillis Get His Girl Talk Moniker From Full House?

Did Gregg Gillis Get His Girl Talk Moniker From <i>Full House</i>?
When Gregg Gillis's Girl Talk began blowing up a few years back with Night Ripper, there was something familiar about the name Girl Talk. It sounded like maybe we'd heard that one before, but time passed, our ADD got progressively worse and we forgot about it. Then out of nowhere it hit us - Girl Talk is also the name of Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler's band in Full House.

Thanks to some clever investigative journalism/rerun watching, the folks over at Hipster Runoff have exposed that Gillis has apparently lifted his name from Tanner and the Gibbler, who with some coaching by John "Uncle Jesse" Stamos covered Ace of Base's "I Saw the Sign" in an old episode of Full House. Yeah, we know, it's a bit of a shocker.

In the words of Hipster Runoff: "If I had known that the Girl Talks had stolen their name from Girl Talk, a tween Ace of Base coverband, would I still be a 'fan'? I don't know the answer 2 that question.

"Just h8 being lied 2. Will probz stop blggng abt the Girl Talks now. Feel like my parents told me I was adopted or something. h8 u greg0ry."

Here's the Full House clip. Keep your eye on that bass drum...